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Germany’s “Dangerous” Current Account Surplus
The European Commission (EC) recently slammed Germany for running large current account surpluses. Paul Krugman jumped in with this beauty of a quote: The problem … Read More

US DOT Holds Airlines To Account On Foreign Airports Disability Standards
Http://www.reducedmobility.eu/20131120405/The-News/us-dot-holds-airlines-to-account-on-foreign-airports-disability-standards.html … Read More

Accessing A Juror's Twitter Account
Should gain access to the Twitter accounts of the prospective jurors inover access to their social media accounts, many more prospective jurors will … Read More

Amazing First-person account Of Covering The JFK Assassination
A jump by presenting a first-person account you've never heard and quite frankly to know? UPDATE: Here is the NBC account of the Ruby shooting with Geoff … Read More

SLW: Hedge accounting Sees Substantial o
SLW: Hedge accounting sees substantial overhaul – New model enables firms to … Read More

Only Two Things Can Stop The Bull Market
The key is to stay on your toes?and always expect the unexpected. … Read News

Church Social Media Chat: Do Your Social Media Accounts Represent You Well?
? The topics: T1: As an icebreaker, check out these SM accounts and give me one word to describe their social media. T1cont.: For example … Read More

China accounts For 100% Of The Reduction In The Number Of The World's People Living In Poverty
Million in 1981 to 2,057 million in 2008 – an increase of 509 million. Again, China accounted for the entire reduction in the number of people in the world living at … Read More

Fundamental Accounting Concept Helps One Understand Path To Quality For SEC XBRL Financial Filings
At a set of 51 fundamental accounting concepts and the relations to a set of fundamental accounting concepts in order compare information … Read More

Online Accounting Training
That offer training courses for computerized accounting. Once you have listed the institutes that offer computerized … Read More

NBC Dateline "Nowhere To Hide" Gives Survivor accounts Of Westgate Mall Attack In Kenya
As “accomplices” of western civilization. One mother gave an account of getting her kids to play possum and lie still, and even the two year … Read More

A Good Account Strategy—What It Takes
Should be broad enough to cover a major goal. For those of us responsible for strategic account planning , it is critical that we work with our sales team to forge … Read More

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