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Determining Your Pay Check:


Determining Your Pay Check:

How Much Should You Charge for Services?

One of the many debated parts of services for virtual assistants is the idea of how much the pay check should be. Defining your own freedom also means the need to determine how much you will charge for all of your services. While most virtual assistants are familiar with the standard rates, you will want to make sure that you also include several different angles when determining what your rates will be.

Typically, a virtual assistant will charge $30 – $75 an hour, depending on the services offered. This standard; however, offers flexible room to find what types of rates you want to offer. If you want to be precise in your accounting abilities, you will want to determine all of the needs that you have as a virtual assistant.

The most important part to recognize as a virtual assistant is that you don’t have the benefits that come with an office job. Because you are working from home, you have the need to find all of your own benefits. This includes things such as office supplies that you may need. It also can include things such as health benefits and the extra income you need to put in the retirement fund.

A virtual assistant also needs to make sure that there is the ability to simply eat the daily bread. This means that you should be charging an average rate that will give you enough money to survive when things are slower. Because the work is inconsistent and is on contract, it may mean that you don’t receive as much as you may need during the slow periods. Making sure that you have enough to carry you over will help you to find better rates.

If you want to be technical, you can add these all together and divide. The most important thing is to keep all of your needs in mind. Working as a virtual assistant can be rewarding if the price is right. Determining what this price will be will drive the right clients to you and will reward you in finding benefits from all angles of working as a virtual assistant.

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