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Tags And SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Tags And SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Clever online marketers are using special characters in addition to words to spice up their page titles. Here are just a few examples:

((( San Diego Search Engine Optimization Company )))

: : : Carlsbad Internet Marketing Firm : : :

* * * Interactive Media Advertising Company * * *

| Encinitas Accounting Services |

§ Mortgage Company §

» Wedding Favors by Sweet Reflections «

¤ Amazing Gift Basket ¤

Write a Description and Keyword META Tag

META tags are html tags describing a web page. The META description should be a sentence description of the web page. Historically, the description was shown in search results, however, it is less likely the case today. It is still good form to have a catchy description. Write an attention-grabbing description that will grab peoples’ attention. Thin of it as the “Call to Action” section of your html code. Be sure to include keywords that are present within the page content.

Some search engines may include the META description below your hyper linked title within the search results page. The META keyword section of your page should include a list of keyword phrases relevant to the page. Instead of writing complete sentences, you should list keywords in this section. The maximum number of characters in each should be no more than 255.

Many search engines give META tags little weight, but you should still include them in your site. Some search engine may use them to create a summary for the page. Instead of simply indexing sites based on META tag information, search engines prefer to index sites based on site content. In other words, search engines rather index your page based on the VISIBLE content rather than META tags.

The search engines consider invisible text such as content found within tags less trustworthy. Improper use of tags could fool search engines in the past. For example, an online business could list many keywords that have nothing to do with the site content in an effort to boost search engine.

Meta tags are not the “magic bullet” of search engine optimization. Utilizing proper tags will not skyrocket your site to the top of all search page listings, but they may improve your standings in search engines.

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