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Saving Time And Money With Lettings Software

Saving Time And Money With Lettings Software

Choosing the right lettings software package could make a huge difference to your business.
By automating the complex administration involved with keeping landlords and tenants happy, you can save time and money, leaving you free to market your business and focus on your clients.

How can I save time?

Installing good software to manage the administration of your business allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend sorting out landlords, tenants, properties and finances. If you don’t currently have a software solution in place, or you have one that’s been running for several years, you may be frustrated with the length of time you have to spend sorting out paperwork, matching property owners with the people who are renting from them, categorising properties into price bands and keeping track of who’s viewed a property and who has issues that the landlord needs to be contacted about. Running a lettings agency is a complicated and time-consuming business, and installing the right software could allow you to improve your time management by:

Automatically updating all files associated with a single landlord

Giving you full accounting facilities

Integrating diaries, allowing you to issue letters promptly

Speeding up the process of uploading properties to your website

Providing comprehensive reporting for clients

If you think that your time at work would be better spent with clients than with paperwork, then you should consider property rental software for your agency.

How can I save money?

Although there will obviously be a cost associated with acquiring the rental management software, you will make savings in the long run. You may find that you don’t need as many staff for the business to run properly, or that your employees can spend more time marketing properties and securing tenants than they could previously. You may save on staff training costs and on staff turnover, because you are removing the more mundane elements of the job.

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